Friday, September 19, 2008

Mundane #2

I have been having the urge to update this blog within the past few days but have come to a type of "blogger's" block everytime I sit down to write. So...I thought maybe I would just update with the mundane. I have yet to update you on our trip to Hong Kong and India and that is only because I can't stomach thinking/talking about it long enough to give you the good details so maybe I can commision my amazing husband to type it up and add a few pics. But, until then, here is just a little bit of what is going on in our lives since starting back up the second semester of school.

We have recently become addicted to the tv show "Heroes". It is quite an intriguing story and at first we thought it was even a little odd. But we pushed through and we are now hooked. We are just starting season 2 and can't wait for season 3 to begin. We have also started back up our Japanese lessons. Jason and I are quite a pair. I wish we could combine our powers to make one good language person. Jason has good pronunciation while I suck at it and I have good listening and can pick out the words and phrases while he has trouble hearing seperate words. Our teachers jokes that hopefully our baby will be able to put these two together and can speak Japanese. I think she thinks we are a lost cause and hopes our child will be the redeeming factor. :)

I am quite tired all day long....courtesy of pregnancy and my "morning" sickness occurs at night. I really think we need to find a new name for "morning" sickness. :) One thing that doesn't help my nausea is the man that sits next to me. He burps a lot at random times during the day. It didn't bother me until now again, thanks to the pregnancy. We have many decisions to make in the near future. We need to find another apartment because ours is too small and we need to figure out the timeline of my pregnancy leave. We are just unsure about all of it. There are many details that need to be taken care of in between all of this. I hope we will be able to move into our new apartment at least a month or two before the baby arrives!

Pictures will be posted soon of India....I hope. Anyone have a good recommendation for a website where we can post all of our pics and just provide people with a link to see them. We have SOOOO many pictures.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Kuiper!!!

Exciting news..... we are pregnant! I am about 10 and a half weeks which puts our baby arriving on April 7th (approximately of course ;) )!! We are super excited and can't wait. We were a little anxious at first because I was about 6 weeks when I got very sick in India. I had a fever of 102F and after doing some reading I discovered this could be something that could harm the baby. Needless to say, I was super worried and anxious up until today when I had my first doctors appointment. The doctor put my mind at ease with all his knowledge and then I was even more relaxed once we did the ultrasound and found out that everything was normal. So, please pray for the baby whenever you happen to think about it. Throughout all of this anxiety and worry the Lord has been so faithful. Not only because things turned out well but just His presence. The Lord would quickly call us to pray or speak softly to our hearts that He was near and good and in control. Many times I was faced with my lack of trusting in the GOODNESS of God but I am grateful beyond words of His tenderness towards my doubts. He did not scold me or tell me to have bigger faith.....He just walked with us. He was there. He never left. Also, in my fear I was reminded of how narrow my view of what "good" really is. "Good" isn't necessarily "normal". Good is the Kingdom and the things of His Kingdom and that shine His character, nature, and glory. Good is much bigger and SO different from the world. How wonderful that is!!! Thank you for celebrating with us!