Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#19: Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

One of my favorite Sakura trees in our neighborhood. Pic taken 2008

We left for Indonesia and China on Friday, March 19th and the cherry blossoms ("sakura" in japanese) were still tucked away in the buds. When we returned on April 1st they were in full bloom here in Tokyo! Their beauty is breathtaking to me. I could stare at them for hours.

This is our third Sakura season. During Sakura '08 it was just Jason and myself. Sakura '09 I was 9 months pregnant making us 2.5. Finally, Sakura 2010 there is three! Jason, myself, and our beautiful baby boy, Deacon who will be one year old on the 15th of this month! Is that for real?

I will greatly miss the cherry trees of Japan. I know there are cherry trees in the US but it's just not the same. The Japanese gather friends, and food, and booze and sit underneath the trees enjoying the beauty and taking in the nature. There is even a word for this experience... ohanami. I think literally translated it means to view the flowers. (Japanese speakers please correct me on this if I'm wrong.) I will miss the picnics and the time spent with friends underneath these trees. It's not only about the blooming of the flower but also what this time of year seems to do to this culture. Like the blossoms, people seem to open up a little more themselves.

Jason and me in Ueno Park. Sakura '08

Jason and me and baby in Naka-Meguro. 2009

This is a cherry blossom tree outside of our school. This pic was taken 2009.

View of the Sakura trees in Naka-Meguro this year, 2010.

Jason and me in Naka-Meguro 2010 and Deacon asleep in the stroller.

The Kuiper Fam in Yokohama 2010!


Memzie said...

Breathtaking! I "see" what you mean. I would miss seeing such a spectacle. If only we valued that kind of beauty here.

Memzie said...

Happy Birthday Deacon! I can't believe you turned one today! You have grown SO much! You are an incredible young man and I consider myself blessed to know you.

Your a joy,